Box and String is the duo of Bill Quern and Sarah Gowan.
We play instrumental traditional roots music from the American Appalachians, England, Canada, Scandinavia, and France as well as our original music composed in traditional styles. With a combined instrument collection that includes guitar, mandolin, concertina, melodeon, 4 & 5 string banjo, fiddle, harmonica, jaw harp and foot percussion we provide a varied and entertaining program.

We enjoy playing for traditional dancing - squares, contra, French, waltz - as well as for listening and special events.

Our original tunes

Coming Up:

April 21 - 23, 2017  
April 30, 2017  
May 2, 2017   Martin's Run Retirement Home w/ Coracree
May 5, 2017   FiddleKicks school assembly program Wyncote Academy Melrose Park, PA
May 18, 2017   Princeton, NJ
May 18, 2017   FiddleKicks Temple Sholom Synagogue Broomall, PA
June 1 - 8, 2017   Coracree Scotland Tour! Details TBA
June 24, 2017   Private Wedding    
July 6, 2017   Mt Airy Contra w/ Live Wire   Philadelphia, PA
July 8, 2017   Annual Square Dance at Beaver Lake w/Live Wire    
August 7 - 11, 2017   Ashokan Family camp - on staff   Woodstock, VT
Oct. 13, 2017   Village Contra Dance - with Coracree   New York, NY
Oct. 14, 2017   CDNY Contra Dance - with Coracree   New York, NY
Oct 20-22,2017   LCFD Fall Dance Camp w/Coracree   Becket, MA

Contact us: • 484-452-6298

Sarah and Bill can also be found here:
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Other fun things we have done:
Winnie the Hoofer
(more coming soon...)



"Ig-Night" "Jackie" Garfield's Blackberry Blossom  


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